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Update from Salvation Army

Dear Friends of the Salvation Army,


We are here for you! Below we have listed some of our available services, one of them being food assistance for those with need. Due to the nature of this crisis, we are allowing any zipcode to receive food assistance at this time. Additionally, if you have recently lost income (job loss, etc.) you are able to sign up for food assistance.


    • Emergency Food Assistance: Please call 717-233-6755 for screening, intake and to schedule an appointment for this service.  We offer a Choice Food Pantry at our office 506 S. 29th Street, Hbg 17104 by appointment only.  If you do not have transportation, you can designate and authorize someone else to pick up the assistance for you, you just need to give us their name.  They will need to provide ID at the time of appointment. If you are uncomfortable coming into the facility to shop, we can provide shopper assistance and your items will be packed up to-go.  Just let us know when you call for the appointment. Service amount is based on the size of your household.
    • Prayer, Emotional Support & Case Management: Please call 717-233-6755.
    • We are helping to administer the Emergency Rent Assistance Program for Dauphin County. If have you have been impacted by COVID and are in need of assistance with rent, please contact us and we can assess if you are eligible for this program.
    • We provide both in-person, small group and virtual Cooking Classes!  For virtual classes we provide a meal kit with all of the ingredients needed to complete the recipe.  Contact us for more info by emailing
    • We offer virtual and in-person educational workshops on budgeting, boosting organizational skills, employment preparedness, and more. Interested, call our office!
    • Does your child need support with reading? If so, contact our Reading Specialist, Brenda Ramsland at
    • Do you want your child to participate in an after school program? Look no further, we operate the Roller Enrichment Academy at Steelton-Highspire Elementary, M-Thursday from -6 p.m. Transportation home is included. Contact for more info.
    • If we do not answer when you call, we are experiencing a high call volume and are most likely on the other line assisting someone else. Please leave a detailed message and we will call you back! 


Please share this information with your neighbors – we are praying for you all.


Yolanda Haywood Gross
Youth and Family Education Administrator
The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region
506 S. 29th Street, Harrisburg PA 17104
Phone: (717)233-6755 x142
Fax: (717)231-3650